Software Update Policy

Windowware Pro's Software Updates Policy

We value everyone's input but we've reached a point where the feature requests are coming in faster than can realistically be addressed. Jumping from one tool issue to another creates a breeding ground for unnecessary bugs that have a negative impact on everyone.

With that said, we decided to focus on one tool at a time by gathering as much input from dealers as possible, then implementing the most popular features requested.

This also allows us to keep our video tutorials up to date. Time does not permit consistently updating tutorials after every small random tool change is made. Concentrating our efforts on implementing multiple tool refinements together at one time will allow for a smoother update result. Also, the video tutorials will better reflect the true status of each tool.

Master Console - Nearing Completion
This incredible tool is built to service the needs of either a single store location, or national company with any number of stores. It will allow them to see the overall performance of either the group or single stores, from sales, leads, marketing results, conversion rates, to specific rep by rep reports and product sale statistics, right from a single dashboard. From this dashboard, if you have multiple stores, you will them be able to select a multi store view showing you the specific performance of each store, and allowing you to drill down even further to the exact performance of each rep at that store. With a huge array of new reports all at your fingertips you'll know everything there is to know about your companies performance.

Scheduler - Nearing Completion
This tool will also come with a function to be used for a single store or any number of stores for a national company, with a master scheduler. In the set up of this tool we imbed a small amount of code onto your websites contact form, which when used by a client will automatically send those details to your windowware pro software adding the lead to the "Unassigned" Leads area in the scheduler. When vieing the scheduler you will have all of the reps diaries, and appointments for the day showing, allowing you to allocate leads to them by a simple drag and drop process from the unassigned leads area. This creates a seamless process for lead management for any size company, of course the "Master Console" wil show you if you have any unassigned leads that need to be allocated from either a single store or multiple stores.

Comparison Quotes
Expanding features for product comparison quotes by adding side-by-side comparison template for easier view by customer.

Other Various Updates Scheduled
Discount control- Set maximum allowable discounts for your staff Order export - Export orders our of windowware pro into any format your manufacturer needs Check measure system - From tracking check measure/Final Measure bookings to price variation sign off this tool will have everything you need. Installer Dashboard - Now your installer can see all of the details for their check measures and installs, report back any issues, attach pictures, have seamless communication.

If you have any suggestions regarding the projects listed above, please forward them to:

We hope this helps demonstrate how much we appreciate our family of dealers and the extent of our commitment to always provide them with the most powerful software available for our industry.

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